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lessons pricing & policies

1) tuition for weekly 1/2 hour lessons is a flat monthly rate of $80.

with weekly lessons, you pick a half-hour time slot that will work for you most of the time and you come each week at the same time (you can always reschedule lessons to a different time & day if you give me 48 hours notice). the time slot is yours until you want to change it or take a break.

2) tuition for weekly 1 hour lessons is $150/month (a $10 savings).

this option is the same as above, but with longer lessons especially for intermediate or advanced players. you can also qualify for this option if you have two nuclear family members who each take 1/2 hour lessons (for example: 2 siblings, or a father and son).

3) “week-to-week” individual lessons are available for $23 per half hour.

this option is for people with a more chaotic schedule and who can't find a time slot that will work consistently. with this option, you won't be given a regular time slot because i give scheduling priority to weekly students. just call at least 48 hours ahead, and i'll let you know what i have open that week.

you will average at least 4 lessons/month

your flat monthly tuition gets you a lesson each week, and i guarantee that in the long term you will average above 4 lessons per month. in most months you will have 4 lessons, in some you will get 5, and sometimes only 3 (usually because of a holiday or vacation). however, the price is always the same because over the course of the year, each student will end up with over 48 lessons (4 per month).

this is actually a savings over the average price of "per lesson" instruction (you usually end up with a few "bonus" lessons each year), and it also simplifies and regulates your payments. you won't have to count the number of tuesdays each month to figure out what you owe, and you won't ever have to pay more than $80/month (or $150/month for hour lessons). every year i double-check the number of lessons each student will get. if your lesson day will receive less than 48 lessons that year, i will prorate your january payment to make up for it.

should i do 1/2 hour or hour lessons?

for beginning players, a half hour lesson each week is plenty (any more would be overload). but intermediate and advanced players who want to supercharge their progress can step up to hour lessons (a good option for summer when there's less going on).

check, cash, or online bill pay

i accept local checks, cash, or checks sent by your bank through their online billpay system. i do not accept direct electronic payments, credit cards, or paypal because the service fees would make it necessary to raise my prices.

make checks payable to studio 651 ltd.

please make checks payable to either my business name, studio 651 ltd. ("guitar and bass lessons with matt morton" is a division of my music company, studio 651 ltd., an LLC in the state of ohio), or just to me, matt morton. please send your check to: 3716 Dayspring Dr. Hilliard, OH 43026. the fee for returned checks is $35.

payment due dates

tuition for weekly students is due by the 10th of the month that you are paying for ($10 late fee after that). for example, you would pay for august's lessons by august 10th. if you are starting lessons mid-month, your tuition will be prorated based on how many lessons you have missed. if you choose to send your payment through the mail, please make sure it actually gets to me by the 10th (not just postmarked by the 10th). payments are due by the 10th whether you come for your first lesson or not. please help me pay my bills on time by giving me my paycheck on time : )

you can pay in person at your lesson time, send a check in the mail yourself, or set up one-time or recurring payments through your bank's online bill pay which will then mail me a check. online billpay is nice because it's usually free and you'll never have to pay a late fee. week-to-week students must pay at their lesson.

the benefits of weekly lessons over sporadic lessons

obviously there is a financial incentive to pick a weekly time slot rather than do week-to-week lessons (you'll save $3 a week for 1/2 hour lessons and $8.50 a week for hour lessons). but there is also another important reason why you should try your best to do weekly lessons: students who come each week are WAY more likely to stick with it and progress more quickly.

usually when people go week-to-week it's because they're planning to take lessons every other week or they want to wait until they feel like they've mastered what they've been working on before they come for another lesson. but lessons aren't just for getting new songs or exercises to work on, they're also a way to keep yourself inspired, accountable to your goals, and to catch any newly-developing bad habits before they've become too firmly entrenched.

i know from my own experience that i always practiced a little harder when i knew i had a lesson coming up because i didn't want to disappoint my teacher. sometimes life gets crazy and the only practice you can fit in is right before your lesson, but at least with weekly lessons you can't backslide for long. also, going 2 or more weeks between lessons leaves a lot of time to get lost, get bored with the song you're working on, and/or practice something the wrong way and then have to unlearn it & relearn it the right way.

i don't want to come down too hard on week-to-week lessons. they're better than no lessons at all. and if a student is self-disciplined and committed to becoming better, they can definitely make them work. but i recommend them only as a last resort because for some reason, most students who go week-to-week end up coming progressively less frequently until one day, they just drop off the radar.

cancellations & makeup lessons

all students (including “week-to-week” students) must give at least 48 hours notice in the event that a lesson needs to be cancelled in order to be eligible for a make-up. we will then try our best to find a time to do a makeup lesson. if we can't find a time that will work for a makeup, i can either refund you or we can prorate your next month's tuition.

the reason for this policy is that your weekly lesson time is a "lockout" of my time. in other words, i agree to not schedule anyone else into your time slot with the understanding that i will make money on that time. i regularly have waiting lists, and i often have week-to-week students looking for openings, so every time slot is valuable. if you cancel at the last minute, i've lost money that i could have made teaching someone else. but if i have enough lead time, i can contact another student and fit them into you slot. so the reason for the 48 hours notice is that it takes time to contact them, wait for their response, and then them to change their schedule in order to be here.

sick days

in case you get sick, just give me a call letting me know you’re not coming (obviously you can’t give 48 hours notice for that!). then give me a call when you get well and we'll schedule a make-up lesson. if we can't find a time that will work for a makeup, i can either refund you or we can prorate your next month's tuition.

holidays and 2 week-long breaks: built into the monthly rate

there will be no lessons on the following major holidays:

new years day (i do teach on new years eve)

memorial day

4th of july

(i use the actual day, not the "observed" day)

labor day

christmas eve

christmas day

i also take a one-week break sometime in the spring/summer, and a one-week break in the winter. these breaks are built into the monthly tuition price. although this means that some students will only have 3 lessons in a vacation month, the monthly rate will remain the same because in the long term, each student will still receive more than 4 lessons per month:

there are 52 weeks per year; if each student comes to 4 lessons per month for 12 months, they will get 48 lessons in 48 weeks. that leaves 2 weeks for summer and winter breaks, and 2 weeks of bonus lessons. at the start of each year, i take a look at the number of lessons that students on each lesson day will receive in that year (factoring in my two breaks and holidays). if your lesson day will be receiving less than 48 lessons during that year (4 lessons per month), i will prorate your january tuition to make up for it.

extreme weather

i will teach every week except for only the most extreme weather conditions. i may be teaching even if the schools are closed since lessons don't start until the afternoon and often the roads are safe by then. if we need to cancel lessons due to weather conditions, i will call every student with as much notice as possible. if you don't hear anything, please assume that we're still on.

discontinuing lessons

if you need to take a break or stop taking lessons, let me know at least 48 hours before the first lesson you won't be coming for. you will continue to be charged for lessons until you cancel.


what lessons are like

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